How are the online courses going?

online courses going

Your child’s schooling isn’t always smooth sailing, and that’s completely normal. As a parent, you may sometimes worry about your child’s success when difficulties come to the fore and sow discord. Fortunately, there are now many solutions to overcome potential shortcomings and avoid dropping out of school: private lessons online or at home. As for the first option, online private lessons, what are the pros and cons? We tell you all about this new method of learning with many virtues.

The advantages of private lessons at a distance 

In vogue since the health crisis, online private lessons are a new and extremely effective learning method. To help you see more clearly, we explain everything about this revolutionary format .

The advantages of private lessons at a distance lie in the flexibility they create . You are repealing many constraints in favor of 100% learning.

  • You save transport, both in cost and time, for you and for the teacher
  • You can choose the best teacher for your child, without taking into account the usual geographical constraints
  • During holidays or weekends, your child can continue their learning through the online format
  • Depending on the age of your child, private online lessons allow digital learning , so it kills two birds with one stone!

As a parent, you can understand the format online, and we understand you. The human dimension is very important in your child’s learning. Fortunately, thanks to videoconferencing and the many tools that have been deployed in recent years, your child benefits from the same quality of follow-up as a home course. We guarantee it!

Online private lessons: in which cases?

But, it’s true, in what situations are online private lessons useful? In reality, many cases lend themselves to taking courses remotely.

Initially, at the Sherpas, all materials are accessible in online format. Whether your child needs help with homework, math, English or history-geography lessons, you are bound to find what you are looking for. ✨

Private online lessons concern all students, regardless of their level, from primary to higher education included. Of course, it is important to clearly list your needs and requirements beforehand to find the teacher who meets your expectations.

By taking stock before you start, you will find the rare pearl without wasting time. A word of advice: assess your child’s needs in one or more subjects to find the competent and qualified teacher of your dreams.

Regular monitoring in one or more subjects: once a week, for example, to overcome difficulties and progress over the long term

Preparing for an exam or a competition: your child wants to enter a business school and you want to help him prepare for his competition, online private lessons are the ideal solution

A short-term refresher course in a subject

Orientation advice to help your child choose his future education

Coaching in methodology to learn how to get organized, write a good essay or acquire good work methods

Private lessons are not to be perceived as the spare tire in the event of a critical situation. They can be put in place to help your child feel good and succeed with confidence in everything he does.

How much do online courses cost?

Obviously, this question is central in the search for private lessons: what budget to plan for private lessons online ? The answer is actually quite variable, depending on the assessment of your child’s needs. We explain to you.

If your child is in primary school, he will not have the same needs as a high school student or a college student. In short (and without pun intended), the more the level of the student increases, the more that of the teacher will follow… and that has a price.

The price of a private lesson can range from ten euros to 80 euros per hour depending on the level, subject and selected teacher.

We understand you, private lessons are a real investment in your child’s future and this represents a significant budget. On the other hand, the progress he will make will be useful to him throughout his life and it may therefore be worth the cost/blow!

In any case, it is important to define the budget you wish to allocate to private lessons for your child before starting your research.

You are in the right place !

Les Sherpas is the site for private lessons you need to find the teacher who will meet your needs. First, it is imperative to list your criteria one after the other (materials, regularity, objectives, budget, level of your child, etc.)

Once the inventory has been completed, all you have to do is go to our platform for connecting families and students.

At the Sherpas, student success is our priority. It is for this reason that we carefully select the teachers to guarantee you flawless quality.

Our website has been designed to save you time. You only need a few clicks to be put in touch with a teacher and benefit from a first free lesson . Yes, that too is a specialty among the Sherpas!

The human being is at the center of our concerns, which is why you have the possibility of carrying out a trial lesson with each teacher before launching yourself completely. We know how essential a good relationship during online private lessons is. Are you reassured? We are too, and your child will soon be delighted to start their lessons! (Yes, yes, we promise you).

A child who regains self-confidence

It’s never easy, for parents, but especially for students, to be in difficulty. In fact, when shortcomings accumulate, bad results are never far away and self-confidence takes a hit. The goal of private lessons is to help your child succeed, but also to flourish and regain the confidence he may have lost.

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