Academic success is guaranteed with the Tutorax tutoring service available in elementary school!

Tutorax tutoring service

If your child is having trouble at school and with homework, you’ve come to the right place! Not everyone is naturally gifted in all subjects at school.

Moreover, most of the time there is at least one subject that is more difficult than the others (mathematics, chemistry, English, French, etc.), which can lead to a lack of motivation. Unfortunately, difficult homework usually causes a lot of stress and frustration, both for the child and for the parents.

This is why Tutorax offers a homework help service in French, mathematics or any other subject to ensure your child’s academic success. Our home tutors have many years of experience in the field and they are equipped to provide the necessary tools for your child. Our tutoring services will help your child improve their understanding and develop new skills.

Our tutors are qualified to lead him to success and train him to get better grades (forget the stress at home!). Our services are available 7 days a week, so we adapt to your availability and your needs.

A better school pathway

Our tutoring services are offered for students from elementary through university. For homework help with a qualified tutor and full tutoring at home or online, we are the specialists you are looking for. Our team is also made up of speech therapists and remedial teachers for children who need more specialized support.

Procedure & Rates

My daughter has been working with her tutor for a few weeks, and we have already seen a great improvement… A mother who is quite proud and relieved for her little one! Thanks !

Qualified tutors

What differentiates Tutorax from other tutoring companies is our family character. It is essential for us that our tutors are young, passionate and dynamic in order to create a special bond with their student(s). Being still CEGEP or university students, our tutors understand the reality of young people and can easily build relationships with their tutee(s). This proximity of age and interest makes it possible to offer pleasant and dynamic homework help sessions in order to mask the notion of task. It is therefore much more than help, but also a brother/sister relationship between the tutee and the tutor that we want to create.

Personalized support

Tutorax is an organization made up of young, dynamic and passionate tutors . Using their experience and training, our tutors provide personalized supervision to ensure that academic knowledge is acquired. Across the province, our tutors come to your home or help you virtually with our online class. Whether it’s for tutoring , remedial or preparation for an exam , we are your partner in achieving your goals!

Selection of tutors

The selection of our primary school tutors is done according to several very specific criteria, such as academic performance, experience with young people and personality. In addition, the values ​​of each tutor must reflect those of Tutorax, namely respect, honesty, but above all passion. Finally, each tutor must pass an exam before being accepted into the team. It’s different characteristics make it possible to maximize the performance of the sessions while making them pleasant.

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